The story of RD Shopfitting

RD Shopfitting started out from a small workshop under a railway arch and now work from a 12,500 sq ft joinery production facility in the heart of Sheffield.

Most of their staff have been with them for many years and between them have a vast amount of skill and experience in working with a large array of materials from traditional wood to hi-tech solid surfacing materials. They have vast experience on the high street with various clients including John Lewis, Pizza Hut and Greggs.

Utilising yard space

RD Shopfitting first acquired a WEIMA WL4 industrial shredder for their saw-trim and edging, which got them thinking about the rest of their in-house waste and how best to handle it. Based on a large site in the city centre but with little yard space, they required a way of optimising the use of the yard as well as reducing their skip costs.

Ten years ago they decided to purchase a new WL4 45Kw from us, to help reduce their large offcuts from strip out projects or rejects from installations. They also installed a biomass burner to heat their factory and offices, thus reusing energy and reducing costs in the process.

RD Shopfitting were really pleased with the efficiency and reliability of their  WEIMA WL4 industrial shredder but due to lack of maintenance across 10 years of constant use, they desperately required a refurbishment. The refurbishment cost for the shredder was at a point where it became unjustifiable to go ahead and so instead they decided on an upgrade. If you require a service plan, click HERE. It might just save you money in the long run, not to mention stress!

A newer, better industrial shredder

Fercell suggested a newer version of the WEIMA WL4 shredder: the  WEIMA WL15 45Kw shredder.  The idea was to allow some of the larger offcuts to be placed correctly within the hopper, therefore offering a better feed stock to their biomass system.

As a loyal customer, we offered to take back their existing WL4 in part exchange for the new WL15.

After discussing the benefits of the new Weima technology such as and Energy Saving WAP gearbox as well as automatic shutdown, RD Shopfitting were able to see the benefits of staying with a trusted WEIMA shredder machine and the deal was done.

Not failing to prepare

We have also since shown them the benefit of our in-house service plan, which they have taken out to cover both shredders so as to keep on top of maintenance this time.

We will proactively maintain their shredders on a regular basis, in order for them perform to the level they should for as long as they should. This will allow RD Shopfitting to concentrate on what they do best, helping businesses to showcase their goods.

If you’d like to talk to us about part-exchanges or discuss our service plan options click HERE.