Our range of cyclones are employed as a mechanical method of separation for high volumes of large particulate or high moisture materials, either as a stand-alone separator or as part of a system as a pre-filter.

Economic and robust, manufactured for minimal maintenance and long service life, our cyclones includes both standard duty and high efficiency ranges, with various discharge arrangements, from static drop to a closed loop system.

They can be used for either pre or main separation in transport, extraction and recovery systems handling small grained particles including chips, dust, powder and shavings, of various material types including paper and wood.

The separated material is discharged via the elongated base cone, either by gravity or through a process valve, with the air portion discharging through the upper vent aperture. This is supplied as standard with a deflector weather cowl. The cyclone can be configured as a closed loop system if required, with the vent aperture connecting to a duct.