Our rotary valves, also referred to as a rotary airlock, are designed to handle a range of free-flowing to high flood materials within systems where pressure differentials exist.

The rotary valves rely on gravity to receive and discharge (aided by rotational speed) material and therefore they are not recommended for applications processing low-flow materials.

The principle of operation relies on material entering the valve on the receiver side, filling the pockets between the rotor vanes (upward facing) with material.  As the rotor rotates the rubber bladed vanes seal against the wall of the valve, before dropping material from the discharge side.

S Series six bladed valve is designed for moderate feeding of medium volumes of small/medium weight materials.

BS Series eight bladed valve is designed for challenging applications which require increased throughput of medium/heavy weight and voluminous materials.

T Series of cast iron valves are designed for the most challenging of applications at high temperatures.