Selecting the right fume ventilation hood needn’t be a difficult process. our range of hoods enables you to pick exactly the right one for your fume and vapour needs. It is important that a hood large enough to capture all fumes is installed without it being too large that it takes up valuable space. Our technical engineers are experienced in fume ventilation and can propose the most productive and economical choice for your business. Our hoods are coloured in a bright yellow so they won’t ever be lost in a dark factory and can easily be moved by those working with fumes.

Hoods are perfect for capturing welding, metal working, metal cutting and grinding fumes. You can be sure that your employee will be safe from respiratory illnesses and diseases if the correct extraction system and hood are fitted. Always ensure your LEV system has a COSHH assessment every 12 – 14 months to check filters are working with the best efficiency and hoods and arms are in the correct place to capture all fumes.