Agricultural Dust Extraction

Agricultural and farming industries can produce all kinds of dust and fumes. We have various dust extraction solutions to fit with all types of agricultural outputs.

Industrial ventilation and dust control in agriculture is important in order to protect the health of workers and animals. It may be that a simple fan is needed or a larger ducting system to efficiently extract dust from grains, seeds and other foods involved in milling and mixing. Larger silos and cyclones will be more relevant for agriculture, in particular for extracting and storing these food based grains, nuts and seeds.

Why do I need to extract agricultural dust?

Dust control and extraction is essential in manufacturing industries, including agriculture in order to protect operators from inhaling harmful dust, prevent explosions, improve quality of products by avoiding cross-contamination and protecting the environment. If extracted correctly, grain can be reclaimed and filtered through to a sorting system, so that costs are recovered and waste is minimal.

It’s not just about efficiency though, worker’s health is at risk if grain dust in particular is not extracted effectively. Respiratory diseases are much more common in the agricultural sector, with asthma cases being double the national average. Any substances hazardous to health should be controlled under the COSHH. Efficient extraction and industrial ventilation systems will ensure site areas are kept clean and dust-free, meaning a good working environment.

Risk of explosion

With grain dust in particular, there is also the risk of explosion. Grain dust is highly combustible and the risk of fire or an explosion at a large grain-handling facility or in a grain-storage area is very high.  Four basic elements must be present for a grain dust explosion to occur: fuel, oxygen, confinement and an ignition source. Our equipment is ATEX certified, meaning at each point in the system these one or more of these elements will not be present. To find out if your workplace is within pollution exposure limits visit the HSE website here.

Our approach

Our engineers will conduct a site survey, suggesting the right system for the seeds, grains or food based products that your factory is processing and the dust it is emitting.

We are able to build bespoke systems using our in-house designed and manufactured filters or off the shelf standard dust extraction and control systems. Our standard and bespoke recycling systems can also be designed and installed to work with any dust extraction systems. Our technical engineers can design and advise the best extraction system for all your dust ventilation needs.

Agricultural Silo - building for storage and drying of grain crops.
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