With more legislation on recycling within the automobile industry coming into force, it’s important that as many car parts are recycled as possible, something that can easily be done with plastic and metal.

Plastic car bumpers and metal and aluminium car parts are ideal components to be recycled using our industrial shredders and granulators. Not only the outside of a car is recyclable but interiors including glove boxes, gear sticks steering wheels and the upholstery can be recycled.

Old rubber tyres can also take up a huge amount of space and that pile of rubber doing nothing could be turned into a very impressive cash return. Our granulators and shredders can tear through tyres, creating compact recycled rubber which can be bagged neatly, saving you metres of space and when sold on can give you a tidy sum.

If you have a particular car part that you would like to ensure can be recycled using one of our machines, you can do a test run at our factory just to be sure. Our recycling sales engineers are also happy to advise on the type of industrial shredder or granulator that would be the best for the size and scale of your automotive recycling system or idea.