Biomass Fume Extraction

Burning wood chips and pellets via biomass can produce smoke as well as heat. The correct ventilation can provide adequate fume extraction, protecting employee health.

Biomass is a great way of creating energy from renewable sources, such as wood, charcoal, animal waste and other agricultural residues. It provides a cost-effective way to heat factories and warehouses but the right ventilation must in place, as emissions from the smoke cause indoor air pollution and can prove to be dangerous to health and even fatal. Biomass can be put into burners in the form of briquettes, which can be made into the correct size and shape using a briquette machine, which can be supplied as a full recycling and ventilation system.

The correct fume ventilation system must be in place to capture smoke and toxic fumes, with the most suitable system probably being a mobile unit with flexible arms. Our engineer will assess the space and the amount of fumes being emitted and plan an efficient and effective fume ventilation system.