Construction Dust and Fume Extraction

Building sites contain all manner of contamination and environmental dangers. From nearby pollution to dust from wood, there are many extraction solutions that can be installed.

Ventilation covers many different aspects when dealing with the construction industry. On-tool dust extraction may be the most efficient and effective option that our engineers suggest in order to ensure all wood dust is vacuumed up when workers are drilling and sawing for example. The H-Class V-TÜF model we provide, we believe to be the best vacuum for on-tool dust extraction within the industry.

There may also be potential fume problems from nearby pollution or direct pollution from work taking place on the building site. In fact, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, with the risk of carbon monoxide being particularly dangerous. In this case, fans, vents or mobile fume units may be the best course of action with flexible arms to ensure all fumes are captured at source with no risk to employee health.

Metal work may also be taking place, so when considering fume and dust control systems, not only wood and automotive type fumes should be taken into account but those which cover metal, wood and gas. Fume extraction arms are an effective method of ventilating fume safely.