Energy Recycling and Recovery

Biomass is a great source of renewable energy and it’s something that can very easily be installed and run.

Energy recycling comes in many different forms. Energy can be reclaimed by recycling waste and reused, which means a full cycle of recycling and no waste. By making a product from recycled materials, this uses less energy than making a product from scratch, so it always pays to recycle as many materials as possible.

Another form of energy recycling is via biomass. Biomass is a stored solar energy, which involves using waste wood for energy rather than sending to landfill. Wood fuel can be made from all types of wood, it just has to be in the right size and form, which is usually either as a chip, a briquette or a pellet. By using an industrial shredder and a briquette press, waste wood can be transformed into material ready for burning or heating and therefore energy, with minimal wastage.  Although biomass does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed in the original growth of the biomass material.

Bespoke biomass systems can be installed, using an industrial shredder and briquette press, which work together to produce fuel in the right format for energy. A ventilation or extraction system can also be built into this system to provide a full and complete biomass energy recycling solution.