Food Dust Extraction

It may not be obvious at first, but food manufacturing and processing produces all kinds of dust. Starch, flour, grain, corn, coffee and sugar are just some of the food dusts we can extract.

Flour, grain, cocoa, cereal, spices, nuts and coffee are all mass produced food items which require dust control and filtration. Dust extractors can range from small bag filter units up to larger cartridge and cyclone systems, depending on the type of dust being output and whether it is fine or coarse. If different food products are being produced in one factory, cross-contamination will also need to be avoided.

Valuable ingredients lost in the manufacturing process can be regained. This can easily be done if the correct dust extraction system is installed with the aid of separators. Any waste can be separated and moved to another section of the operation, therefore not contaminating any food that is yet to be packaged and sold.

Dangers of not extracting dust from food

Food manufacturers using powders of any kind will require industrial dust extraction systems for their factories for a number of different reasons. If a worker inhales large amounts of airborne food dust particles it can be hazardous to their health. Flour dust in particular can cause health issues like irritation to the eyes and nose, occupational dermatitis and occupational asthma and bronchitis. Food manufacturing companies should adhere to COSHH Regulations in order to protect staff health and safety and avoid fines.

There is a real risk of explosion where food dust is present. It can be avoided though by ensuring the concentration of dust in air doesn’t fall within the explosion limit and a source of ignition is not ever present. Food dusts that can cause explosions include: flour, custard powder, instant coffee, sugar, dried milk, potato powder and soup powder. We have even extracted mustard power. Have a read of how we did it here.

Dust extraction system installations aren’t always straight forward. Especially in the case of the Colman’s Mustard factory……

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