Manufacturing Dust Extraction

Our range of industrial ventilation solutions will ensure everything from fine dust to metal working fumes are extracted.

Manufacturing as an industry will face many types of industrial ventilation challenges. Wood and metal will often be materials worked with on a daily basis as part of a construction line and therefore dust will need to be extracted, either at source or as part of a wider facility.

If metalworking, grinding, soldering or welding is taking place in a factory, a fume extraction system will need to be installed. This may be in the form of small, mobile units with flexible arms or with fans and ducting if taking place in a more spread out work station. A static fume extraction unit is also an efficient way of extracting fumes from welding, cutting and grinding processes.

Manufacturing also often includes spray painting products. In this instance, spray booths will be required for employees working with wet, dry or powder based paints and lacquers. Spray will be properly extracted and workers will be kept safe.

Dust extraction isn’t just a waste of time, it protects worker’s health and it needn’t be costly….

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