Pharmaceutical Dust Extraction

When manufacturing, packaging and storing pharmaceutical products, it’s really important to keep the air free of pollutants, to avoid contamination which could lead to bad batches of medicine.

Within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical (food and nutrition supplements) industries, all sorts of nuisance and potentially harmful dusts can become airborne so it is imperative that dust control is put in place. Ideally, at every stage of the production and coating area and packaging process there should be a downward dust extraction system or unit in place to protect worker’s health. This will also serve to prevent cross-contamination between products.

Filters for very fine dusts are most suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical operations.  Also to bear in mind, is the fact that many pharmaceutical dusts are combustible and efforts should be made to reduce fire and explosion risks. The ventilation products and systems we provide are ATEX approved, meaning fire prevention measures will be in place.

Our engineers will also help design and plan a system that keeps staff safe at all points from dangerous dust. An efficient extraction process will ensure that dusts are fully ventilated away from staff plus any potentially explosive dusts are put through wet scrubbers or similar systems for preventative measures.

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