Printing Spray Extraction

When working with paint, spray is inevitable. We offer spray extraction solutions for all types of dry and wet paint.

Spray Extraction

Many different processes occur within the printing industry that require spray extraction. Our systems cover every stage, from the initial paint mixing process to the spraying of products and cars through to the post-press stage.

Both dry and wet paint have chemicals which pose severe health risks unless proper ventilation is in place. If sufficient extraction isn’t employed,  damage to internal organs, drowsiness and sensitization of the skin and respiratory tract can occur.

Spray extraction techniques must be employed where following substances are involved:

  • Pre-press chemicals
  • Printing inks
  • Fountain solutions
  • Cleansing solvents
  • Adhesives and glues

What happens if I don’t extract paint fumes?

Fire and explosion risks are also a point of concern where paint and spray chemicals are being used.  These hazards can all be prevented when printing operations have the correct paint spray ventilation systems and in place, such as mobile and static spray and fume extraction systems, spray booths and fans.

To view all spray extraction solutions click here or for further assistance in what spray extraction system is best for your painting process please contact us today.

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