Recycling Fume and Dust Extraction

Recycling and ventilation go hand-in-hand. Whether you are shredding or briquetting, dust and odours are unavoidable and the right ventilation system should be put in place. 

The waste management and recycling industry poses many health risks to operators and workers within the environment. By the very nature of all types of MSW, RDF and SRF waste recycling, a waste management facility will involve handling all types of organic products and possibly contaminated materials. It is therefore very important to ensure proper ventilation and extraction is in place for dust, fumes and odours.

It is not only the materials and products that cause fume and odour issues, it is heat. With all types of machinery being involved in the production line including different sorting and separators, industrial shredders and briquette presses and granulators, heat will constantly be emitted causing moisture in the air. This can make for some very unpleasant smells. The heat and moisture can also cause rusting of machinery within the recycling plant.

Why do I need to extract waste fumes and dust?

All types of health issues can be encountered if waste and recycling facilities are not properly ventilated. These can include all kinds of skin disorders, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing, aches and pains and even gastro-intestinal symptoms.

Extraction fans and more complex ducting systems can be installed to ensure both fumes and dust are extracted efficiently and effectively. To find out more about our dust extraction systems click here and our fume extraction systems click here.