We offer a broad range of innovative and technologically advanced conveying products delivering reliable bulk material handling.

Whether you are looking for an individual standalone piece of equipment or a complete MRF facility, our range of conveying systems all possess the same high level of manufacturing quality, outstanding reliability and low maintenance characteristics.

For applications where process material cannot be manually handled, due to issues of safety, size or volume it is essential that material handling: feed, discharge and transport is effective and reliable.

With test facilities both in the UK and mainland Europe, our range of bulk materials handling equipment can be demonstrated using your test materials.

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GW Series

Benefitting from a modular design, the GW Series of chain conveyors can be quickly delivered and deployed, to meet exact requirements.

A simple and robust design, ideal for both horizontal and inclined conveying, up to 90°, with a single conveyor.

Specially developed and designed with either single or double chain configuration for handling of virtually any challenging bulk material.

The GWS is suited to powder products, saw dust, wood chips and wood waste, while the double chain GWD is especially suited for more challenging applications such as ensilage, manure, heavy wood chips, as well as flower products, pellets, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, and other wood waste.

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The IMRO range of belt conveyors are proven over thousands of diverse installations, their inbuilt efficiency makes them one of the most popular choices when demanding both performance and economical energy consumption.

The IMRO range consists of three distinct series of belt conveyor, each with the same level of manufacturing quality, reliability and minimal maintenance DNA, yet featuring the widest variety of belt material (PVC, Rubber, HDPP, HDPE or elastomers), format, width, length and configurations to suit the specific application requirements.

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Effective removal of processed materials from the size reduction equipment is vital for efficient throughout and minimising service downtime.

Many shredders and granulators are equipped with suction ports, making pneumatic transport an ideal solution for conveyance of processed materials.

Close coupled connection to a suitable source of extraction for materials such as wood, foam, paper and plastic will significantly increase the performance of the process machinery (shredder – granulator).

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Screw conveyors are a well proven and wide spread solution for the transportation of granular materials, including shredding, chippings and regrinds (also effective for the movement of materials with poor flow characteristics).

We commonly employ screw conveyors for general movement and distribution of materials from one process to another including shredder discharge and silo/hopper loading.

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