Dust Capture Booth

Made of galvanised metal the dust capture booth is ideal for extracting any dust produced by sanding, grinding or welding operations. Its modular design allows for a wide range of applications and configurations.

The booth is typically available as a stand-alone configuration, with the additional  option of customisation to fit into a larger dust collection system. Refer to the stock sheet for stand product widths.

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Each booth comes equipped with aluminised polyester filter cartridges and a pulse-jet compressed air cleaning system. Collected dust is deposited into removable trays located at the bottom of the collection face for easy disposal. The integral suction fan (or properly-configured connection to a central collection system) ensures adequate face velocity along the width of the booth.

Booth Extension Module – each module adds 20″ depth.

Air Curtain Extension Module – returns exhausted air to booth opening for additional environmental control.

Timed Filter Cleaning Control – automatic timer system for pulse-jet cleaning system.

ATEX-Rated Fan Motor – non-sparking motor provides added safety for combustible dust hazards.

VFD for Fan Motor – provides additional energy efficiency by providing speed control for the suction fan

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