F140 Indoor Filter

The F140 is a reliable and compact solution for dust producing processes. The innovative, completely self-contained, space-saving design incorporates an on-board control and inbuilt suction fan set, and can be quickly and easily deployed, sited either directly beside the machine tool or connected to the machine tool via a centralised ducting system.

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Manufactured from heavy-gauge corrosion resistance steel, with a hard-wearing painted finish, designed to protect and look good for many years of service.

For the capture and filtration of intermediate dust loading of fine and medium dust particles, equipped with anti-static polyester filter element(s) 270 gr/m², mechanical cleaning mechanism, continuous chip and dust collection in a metal collection bin with waste level sight-glass.

The F-Series is designed to operate as a negative pressure filter, provide high-efficiency through a, sound-proofed, backward-bladed centrifugal fan set to ensure higher pressures and lower operating noises than positively pressurised systems.

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