F Series – 250-450 Indoor Filter

F-Series, models F250, 320, 380 and 450 are a reliable and compact solution for dust producing processes. With its compact design to suit any environment, even inside production facilities, it’s highly effective operating in just a small space.

Manufactured from heavy-gauge corrosion resistance steel, with a hard-wearing painted finish, it is designed to protect and look good for many years of service.

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The F-Series is used for the capture and filtration of intermediate dust loading of fine and medium dust particles, and is equipped with:

  • Settling chamber for the decanting of shreds into the filtering unit,
  • Filtering media in anti-static polyester (needle felt sleeves 500 gr/m², cartridges 270 gr/m²)
  • Automatic programmable counter current compressed air cleaning system;
  • Continuous discharge of the shavings and dust into handy wheeled metal bins with sight glass to check the filling level.

The F-Series is designed to operate in negative pressure, with high suction efficiency and maximum safety against fire and explosion, these units also feature a built-in fire extinguishing water ring. The high-efficiency centrifugal fan with backward curved-blades, fitted in a soundproofed compartment inside the unit, makes it possible to achieve higher negative pressure values than other filters on the market, while only producing low noise.

Animation of the F Series compact enclosed dust collector.

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