GeoGo Series

The GeoGo is a mobile extractor unit with built-in filters. It is designed to be used in ever changing workspaces, for example for welding or grinding.

More about this product

  • The GeoGo is provided with an aluminium metal pre-filter and a V-bank F9 filter, so that the air is cleaned to a minimum of 95%.
  • It is supplied with an extraction arm, with the option to select from the following: WING arm, ASA-4 arm, or ESA arm.
  • These are ø160 mm in 2 or 3 metres.
  • The built-in fan is 1,1 kW 230V or 1,1kW 110V. It is quiet compared with equivalent products and has a maximum air flow of 1.450 m³/h.
  • The GeoGo has strong rubber wheels, where the front wheels are turntable and with brakes, which ensures that the GeoGo is easily moved and stable at work.
  • It is delivered with a 10 m cable with a plug that fits a standard wall outlet.
  • Weight without the arm: 120 kg.

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