Hoses and Hose Reels

To compliment our range of suction nozzles we offer various flexible hose systems comprising hoses and hose reels to meet the demands of even the most challenging of applications.

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The GTE or GTS hose reels are used for extraction of exhaust gases, welding smoke and similar fumes. The advantage of using a reel is that an extraction hose is always available and rolled out so hoses do not take up valuable floor space.

The GTS version is spring driven and the GTE is electric. The reel can be easily upgraded from spring driven to electric. The reel is produced in one width of 1000mm and it fits on both ø80, ø100, ø125 and ø150 mm in lengths up to 10m.

The GTS hose reel has a strong steel spring to spring load in the same way as a roller blind. The hose reels are a sturdy, yet light construction, consisting of galvanised and powder enamel parts, which ensures a long service life. A spherical ball bearing makes trouble-free and easy operation. These hose reels are practically maintenance-free. However, the various moving parts should be controlled for wear and correct mounting regularly.

  • Galvanised parts: Drum, cover, bracket and all nuts and bolts
    Hose: With nylon spiral. The hose can be crossed to a certain extent
  • Temperature: up to 150°C – temporarily to 170°C


  • Same features as GTS but with heavy duty steel spiral – pulling force 15 kg. NB: Max-mounting height 5-6 m


  • Interference possible when operating remote control and using overhead cranes
  • Special Roll GTE
  • Available in ø 200 mm, width 1400 mm
  • Extended version with width 1400 mm with 15 mm hose extender
  • Switch for automatic start/stop – 04-293
  • All accessories sold separately, including a large selection of nozzles


The TPE exhaust hose is a super-lightweight and extremely flexible hose made of foil encapsulated with embedded nylon spiral.

Crush resistant, it is particularly suited to exhaust fumes in garages and workshops.

Operating temperature range from -40° to +170° C, supplied in lengths of 5, 7.5 and 10 m and in the dimensions ø75-100-125 and 150 mm.

The HT exhaust hose is designed for the transport various materials such as of hot air, vapor and dust.

Constructed from silicone coated fiberglass with a stainless steel spiral helix.

Available in various diameters and lengths with operating temperatures from 300°C to 1,100°C.

Used for the extraction of welding smoke, grinding dust and other industrial vapours.

The standard hose is constructed from PVC hose with a temperature range of -30° to +140° C.

Available in various lengths up to 10 m and in diameters from ø50 to ø250 mm.

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