LP – SR Granulator Series

The SR/LP series have been designed for size reduction of full length, up to 6.0m long, profiles and pipes, without the need to pre-cut material into shorter pieces.

Generally LP versions will be used for PVC profiles, with the specially designed rotor grabbing and pulling material into the cutting chamber, while the SR version are better suited for the most demanding applications such as extremely thick-wall PVC, PP and PE pipes to achieve optimum throughput, through an enclosed hopper to ensure safe and reliable size reduction.

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The SR hopper, equipped with hydraulically operated lid, automatically feeds material into the cutting chamber, with feed rate controlled by load resistance.

Granulator knives are arranged in a counter angle formation, replicating a scissor cutting action for a cleaner, more uniform granulate with minimal heat build-up and minimal energy consumption and sound output.

As knife adjustment is set outside the granulator, knife changes are safer and can be completed up to 60% quicker than adjusting knives inside the granulator. The adjustable knife mechanism sets the proper clearance between rotor blade and screen reducing friction and thermal stress on the process material.

Featuring solid steel bearing housings for more reliable service (eliminating the risk of housing fracture or breaking under heavy shock loads) when compared to cast bearing housings, the solid steel housings are offset to prevent dust, fines and/or granulate from fouling bearing (a common issue on granulators with flange mounted bearings).

As well as operational efficiency the series have been designed for reduced service and simple maintenance with improved rotor designs, contained within an easy ‘clam shell’ housing, eliminating the risk of rotor knives lifting or becoming loose during heavy shock loads.

The knives are straight sharpened, therefore require no special sharpening assemblies and the knife bolts are attach to a removable threaded clamp meaning no unnecessary drilling and tapping to repair stripped rotor flight threads.

  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Extremely high throughput.
  • Space saving, compact design.
  • Optimized cutting arrangement, for efficient energy consumption.
  • Low noise level, from double-cross cutting knife configuration.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning, with ‘clam shell’ opening.
  • Minimised service down time, external adjustment jig for pre-adjusted knife arrangement.

Rapid granulation of long window profiles, using an LP Series granulator.

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PVC pipe, production waste, reducing from original size down to a granulate size of 8mm in a SR granulator.

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