Multibox III

The MultiBox III is an advanced ventilation control, which is primarily used for constant pressure regulation (PID / differential pressure) of a fan, and it also has a build in alarm system, telling the operator in case that it cannot reach the requested set point.

The MultiBox III is easy to install and has a user-friendly menu system, which lowers the installation costs.

By using the MultiBox III, will result in the fan constantly adjusting the speed according to the number of extraction points in use. By adjusting the power according to the necessary air flow, will result in lower running cost on the fan, and less of the heated (or cooled) indoor air is extracted.

The MultiBox III can further more give control signals to the central control unit / general AHU, and thereby lower the extraction air flow on the AHU (10-0V), as a slave of the airflow on the process ventilation system.

More about this product

  • Frequency controlled extraction system (0-10V)
  • Regulation of EC-motors in ventilation systems
  • Regulation of dampers and membrane dampers
  • Supply air in balance with several process points
  • Feedback regulation with up to 3 set points
  • Slave control of supply air and room extraction
  • Several switch options, for info to central systems, on usage, alarms, filter alarms etc.
  • Pressure control in cabinets with supply and extraction air, why it is suitable as a feedback regulator and slave control for process ventilation.

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