MVD Mini-Silo Baghouse Dust Collector

The MVD mini-silo baghouse dust collector is an integrated unit for dust filtration and storage. Made of modular galvanised sheet panels, it is conceived to work in negative pressure (with the fan on the clean air side) and is also suitable for positive pressure installation.

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The MVD Mini-Silo Baghouse Dust Collector consists of two main sections:

A: Upper Section (Filtration) consisting of a filtering battery faired with galvanized modular panels containing various polyester filtering sleeves (standard version) fixed to a supporting frame by snap rings; the frame divides the dirty area from the clean area and it is equipped with a mechanical shaking cleaning system.

The structure has a flanged mouth for connection of negative-pressure pipe to the fan and a flanged mouth for the entrance of dusty air. The Mini-Silo is designed specially to be used in negative pressure but it can be used in positive pressure as well.

It is equipped with anti-explosion panels on one side of the filtering area and a door entering to the filter unit hinged on another side of the filtration area provided with walkway and following security standards.

Mini-Silo is also provided on top internally with cooling-down water ring to be connected to the fire-fighter hose or to an alternative extinguishing system. The supply may include (optional) an external setting chamber, with venting panel to slow down the waste, in order to avoid the damage of the filtering sleeves.

B: Lower Section (Storage) consisting of thick galvanizes modular panels assembled through galvanized bolts, adjustable support legs made of thick press-bended galvanized steel sheet and flat bottom to support the leaf-springs extractor.

It includes the motorised extraction mechanism, equipped with 2 rotating extraction sheet blades, with 3 possible simultaneous outlets. An inspection door is realised for the extractor maintenance and Lexan doors allow visual inspection of material into the silo, together with a maximum filling level gauge.

As an option it is possible to discharge the stored waste into a plastic bag (or big bag) and/or through rotary valve and /or directly into a briquetting machine placed underneath the Mini-Silo.

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