An integral part to the success of any extraction system is the point of capture and our range of vehicle exhaust nozzles include solutions for virtually any exhaust pipe, whether stationary or moving.

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Spring-loaded steel exhaust nozzle, finished in high temp black paint, suitable for virtually all types of single exhaust pipe system.

Available in 80 mmø, 100 mmø, 125 mmø and 150 mmø and equipped with CO2 test probe.

The steel HT nozzle is equipped with an adjustable vice grips pliers and air cooling air openings.

HT nozzle for fume extraction hose

Type S type nozzle is funnel shaped rubber extraction nozzle, and is available with CO2 test probe port.


Constructed from very flexible rubber compound, fitting to virtually any exhaust pipe.  Simply adapting to the shape of the exhaust pipe, the design ensures that the extraction nozzle does not damage painted skirts or bumper.

Available in 80 mmø, 100 mmø, 125 mmø and 150 mmø, with or without vice grip or damper.

The SE nozzles are oval shaped and complete with vice grip to fit to virtually all exhaust pipes (single or double).

Available for passenger vehicles (75 mmø, 100 mmø and 125 mmø) and commercial vehicles (150 mmø).


An oval nozzle, manufactured from rubber, with a 60° offset hose connection spigot.

Suitable for single and dual exhaust systems, up to 125/65 mm and hose diameters 80 mmø or 100 mmø.


An economical rubber nozzle with built in damper and vice grip pliers function, is the perfect solution for small and medium sized cars.

Available in sizes 140/25mm (for approx. 75 mmø) or 180/30mm (for approx. 100 mmø) and 250/15mm (for approx. 125 mmø).


SB suction nozzle fitted tightly to the exhaust pipe using the inflatable compressed air pods.

They require the connection to a air system, with a minimum pressure of 1 bar.

Available in dimensions for both passenger and commercial vehicles, also with Kevlar construction for use at extreme temperatures.


The SBM nozzle provides an airtight fit to either single or double exhaust pipes by means of the compressed air-inflatable bellows (powered by clean and dry compressed air at 1 bar pressure).

SBP suction nozzle is equipped with a pump and valve suction nozzle for easy connection to the exhaust pipe by simply squeezing the pump.

An inexpensive and flexible solution, available in several dimensions.


An oval rubber nozzle with 45 ° offset hose spigot.

Fitting tightly against the exhaust pipe using inflatable compressed air pods.

Available in dimensions for both passenger and commercial vehicles, and Kevlar construction for extreme temperature applications.

Type AU The epoxy coated AU nozzles are designed for high volume extraction of exhaust fumes in combination with engine test probes on a rolling road.

Constructed, 150 mmø or 200 mmø, to ensure there is no influence on the test results, the funnel is equipped with waste tray and height adjustable stand.


For vehicles with dual exhaust systems the ‘Y’ coupling can be employed to connect the exhaust to the extraction system.

2.0m long extended nozzle, available in ø125/250, designed for vertical construction plant exhausts.


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