P2KL PVC Flexible Hose

The P2KL is a lightweight flexible PVC hose idea for use with general dust and non-abrasive material.

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Application: Low pressure air, fume and dust handling.

Construction: Lightweight. Double ply PVC wall encapsulating a spring steel wire helix.

Properties: This economical two-ply wall flex is durable whilst remaining highly flexible and easy to handle.

Temperature range:C +70°C (in 20°C ambient)

Colour: Clear

Standard Length: 10 metres (Tolerance +/- 6%)

Also sold in 2 metre increments.
51 ⌀mm
80 ⌀mm
100 ⌀mm
127 ⌀mm
152 ⌀mm
178 ⌀mm
203 ⌀mm
228 ⌀mm
254 ⌀mm
305 ⌀mm
357 ⌀mm
408 ⌀mm
458 ⌀mm

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