Powerbox III

The PowerBox III is an automatic component which ensures optimum utilisation of the process extraction system. The PowerBox III senses via an inductive sensor, if the drilling, grinding or welding machine is activated etc., where after it opens the motor damper &/or turns on the fan (via i.e. MultiBox III).

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By using the PowerBox III great savings on the energy consumption can be made, on the electrical and heating bill, since you only pay for the amount of extract air that you need. The system is automatically turned on/off which increases the usage (indoor climate) and lowers the general noise level, both resulting in a better working environment.

In function the PowerBox III has much resemblance to the PowerSmart II CEE plug. The difference lies in the fact that the PowerBox is slightly cheaper & has 3 inputs. On the contrary, the CEE plug, has the benefit, that one does not need to invest in a separate CEE plug.

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