UPD – ATEX Dust Extractor

The UPD filtering unit is suitable for the extraction of chips and dust of various natures, optimal for the filtration even of very fine particles. It’s made of modular galvanised sheet panels; it is conceived to work in negative pressure (with the fan on the clean air side) and it’s also suitable for positive pressure installation.

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The unit is equipped with:

  • Air settling chamber at the inlet, in order to protect the filters from the impact with the transported materials.
  • Filtering sleeves in high-density (500 g/sqm) ATEX anti-static polyester fabric.
  • Filters cleaning system by counter current compressed air jet pulses, automatically activated when needed, upon the pressure loss of the filters low, during the working time.
  • Hopper with air-lock valve for a continuous waste discharge (on a pneumatical transfer system, diagonal screw conveyor, by gravity into a skip/big-bag, etc.).
  • Security ladder and fenced platform on the roof, with airtight large doors fitted with gas springs, for an easy access to the filtering battery for maintenance purposes.
  • Anti-explosion ATEX panels and dry-pipe connected to internal diffusing nozzles.
  • High efficiency ATEX II 3D fan installed on the clean air side: it can reach depression values higher than other filtering units on the market while keeping a fair noise level.

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