V-TÜF Dust Extractor

The V-TÜF dust extractor vacuum is the perfect dust vacuum to help control dust particles at source, covering a variety of applications and materials including wood and plastic. It is available in either 110v or 240v and M-Class or H-Class. The universal power tool connector means that the dust vacuum can be attached straight to the tool in use.

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M-Class rating is now an HSE requirement and this is the minimum legal requirement for all construction sites.

The H-Class model of V-TÜF dust extractor vacuum is recognised as a lung safe dust vacuum cleaner and offers a higher filtration than the M Class. High hazardous dusts are created from MDF and Asbestos, and require H Class equipment to be used at all times when cutting, drilling, sanding, or grinding these products, to ensure none of the fine dust escapes into the air, and to protect the user doing the task, and the people surrounding the worker doing the task.

Suitable for the three main types of construction dust:

  • silica dust
  • wood dust, including MDF and plywood
  • lower toxicity dusts such as dolomite, plasterboard and marble

The V-TÜF dust extractor vacuum covers respirable dust and inhalable dust and is suitable for completing the  following applications safely:

  • dustless sweeping
  • on-tool extraction
  • carpet cleaning
  • cleaning stairs
  • sanding
  • drilling
  • drain cleaning
  • debris collecting

A handy blow feature is included in the V-TÜF dust extractor, which blows pure, filtered air and can be used to unblock drains or clear leaves when completing an outside project.

To ensure your dust vacuum cleaner is working to its highest standard and is safe to use, a LEV test should be conducted every 14 months. The HEPA cartridge filter included in the machine should be inspected for damage to the seal, cap and filter medium on a regular basis. The extraction velocity monitor should be checked each time before the dust extractor is used and if it shows red, it will need to be cleaned.

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