WL600 Industrial Wood Shredder

This durable WEIMA WL600 single shaft industrial shredder is suitable for small and medium-sized wood processing companies to shred any type of wood-based materials. Including chipboard, MDF, 2/4 solid wood and even extremely hard wood. The wood chips that are produced via this shredder are an ideal size for briquetting or for storage in central heating tank systems.

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The wood is shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counter knife. The ram is equipped with wiping strips that prevent unwanted material feed catching between the ram and the machine casing. The end product are small wood chips that can be discharged from the machine using an air extraction system or screw conveyor.

The WEIMA WL industrial shredder rotor is produced from solid material and it rests on durable rotor bearings. Dedicated knife holders have been welded into milled knife pockets. This is where the knives are inserted before they are secured in place from the rear with a screw connection, guaranteeing fast knife replacements.

The square shaped concave knives are sharpened on four sides to guarantee accurate cuts and a high throughput rate and have 40 mm long edges.

  • Innovative ‘V’ rotor for optimized cutting
  • Knife and counter knife tolerance protection
  • Reduced wear
  • Minimal thermal impact
  • Optimum material in feed
  • High throughput
  • Outboard bearings
  • Feed control based upon load
  • Vibrating loading chute

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