The effective and reliable size reduction of tyres and other rubber based materials is a science requiring an in-depth understanding of the compounds that make it up. It needn’t be a headache though, Fercell can assist you on the best way to recycle and shreds this harsh material via a bespoke, robustly designed, industrial shredder system. This process can be linked to a granulator to reduce the volume of the rubber even further, which we can also help you with.

It is best to recycle rubber or it increases landfill pollution. Rubber takes a very long time to decompose and if it is burnt it produces poisonous and carcinogenic gases, which is very dangerous for our health and the environment. Recycled tyres and rubber can be made into playground and athletic ground flooring, creating a soft landing, sports shoes and even for fossil fuel energy, such as coal.

Our industrial rubber shredders are designed and manufactured to deliver the best reliability, minimal component wear and maintenance downtime for the highest operational hours profit.