Shredding Textiles

Industrial textile shredding is a very easy way to recycle when you have the right machinery and tools. Textile products come in a myriad of forms; agrotextiles, big bags, carpets, clothing, furnishings, geotextiles, nets, tarpaulin, towels, combat and personal protective equipment.

Typically, flexible and constructed from a network of natural or artificial woven fibres, as a waste product, the unpredictable nature of textiles represents some unique challenges when shredded.

Shredding with mixed materials

Textile clothing waste may contain fasteners such as buttons, poppers, studs and zips and other secondary materials like leather, plastic and rubber. which can pose problems with textile shredding. But this doesn’t mean such items can’t be recycled.

Mixed materials and fasteners can be separated in the textile shredding process, with the right technology any textile product should be easily processed via as part of a secure destruction or recycling solution.

Shredder preferences

Options for our textile shredders include: heavy-duty construction, long-life cutters with ‘F’ rotor for counter rotor wrapping and melting, selectable screens for the control of fibre dimension and controlled cutting with modulating speed control.