The Sirocco range of dry filter spray booths delivers efficient and economical spray booth filtration, for numerous materials including most spray and lacquers (although not recommended for isocyanate based materials), across all industries spraying on any intermittent basis, meeting and exceeding current BS and EU regulations.

The modular design provides extreme flexibility, with options for fan types, fan positions, filter media and control systems.

Prefabricated, prime galvanised 1.2mm sheet steel panels, integrated with universal connection sections, for mechanical construction with BZP fixings.

Alternative construction materials and finishes are available, including stainless steel, polyester powdercoat and prelaq scotchgrain.

Benefiting from a smooth internal design to ensure minimal turbulence, pressure drop and easy maintenance. For more information call for assistance on the best type of booth for the paint spray material you are working with.