The Cascade range of water wash booths has been designed for continuous spraying operations, demanding excellent filtration efficiency and simplicity of use.  Used with various materials (including 2K) including powder or spray and lacquer type finishes and numerous applications.

Supplied fully assembled in a two-part construction.  The lower section consists of a fully welded (UV tested) heavy gauge steel tank, with self-priming, high-flow, recirculation pump, integrated valves and water make-up reservoir.

The upper section, is constructed from prime galvanised 1.2mm sheet steel panels, secured with high compression pins and collars, contains atomising nozzles and a triple scrubber for effective particulate removal.

The Cascade range can be supplied unassembled for economic export and installation in areas with limited access, using universal connection sections and BZP mechanical fixings.  Other options included fan types, pump seal types and control systems.