A bespoke worktop manufacturer looking to expand their onsite LEV equipment contacted Fercell to explore their options for dust extraction, in particular the capture of wood and stone dust.

Fercell successfully consulted on and installed a UF3 dust extraction unit in the main production area of their facility to contain soft wood sawdust produced by two circular saws, with an additional ASA-3 extraction arm and GeoFilter dust to contain stone dust from cutting small sections of stone with a router tool.

The lightweight ASA-3 extraction arm and hood makes for easy positioning and set up before jobs. The 180° rotation from the wall bracket and flexible tubing mean your working area isn’t limited, and with a maximum airflow of 2,000 m3/h the extraction arm is suitable for everything from grinding dust to welding fumes, posing no challenge for dust and stone.

The UF3 in the line of UF dust extractors is well suited to the needs of this countertop manufacturer, with refuse collected in refuse bags, which are easily released, and resecured with a rapid over- centre toggle system, ensuring minimal downtime and the highest efficiency.

The UF3 dust extractor is equipped with a robust MV7 fan, perfect for transportation at medium pressures of medium to heavy particulates. The fan uses a highly efficient, self-cleaning, steel radial impeller, which is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure very stable and vibration free performance, all constructed from heavy-gauge steel plate.

Additional hoover points now help to keep the floor free of contaminants too.

A brand-new ventilation system from Fercell for your workspace ensures a safe, efficient, and reliable work area for you and your co-workers.

Contact Fercell on 01622 791414 or email info@fercell.com to discuss your LEV requirements.