A UK manufacturer of plastic boxes contacted Fercell to explore the opportunities of recycling plastic waste. In particular recycling any plastic spoils and damaged stock, with the outcome of producing plastic granules to be used for the production of new product, achieving a circular economy.

The process of shredding breaks down plastic into pieces <50 mm, allowing material to be efficiently transported for further reduction. The shredded material is conveyed to a second-phase through the process of granulation, reducing the material down to as small as 4mm (the client has multiple screens (including 4.0, 6,0 and 8,0mm). Granulated plastic can then be reused in the manufacturing process of new plastic products.

Whilst the initial investment for a complete industrial recycling size reduction system is significant, over the long term the advantages are undeniable. Waste costs are reduced, storage space is improved, production waste can be recycled and reused thus making it a more environmentally friendly conscious product.

System Overview

The complete recycling system comprises of the following key elements; wide loading conveyor, with operator safety detection, WEIMA WKS1400/90 Shredder, outfeed conveyor, magnetic-separator, Neue-Herbold LM600/1000 granulator, air-handling system, with twin bulk bag loading station.

With a low feeding point of 2.2m, material is filled via the loading conveyor belt.  As the application is processing hard plastic, it is important that shredding is contained and as such the shredder is equipped with a hopper enclosure with motorised lid (easily opened and closed, via a remote control). Here, the WKS 1400 is being used as part of a multi stage recycling system, but it can also be used as standalone solution.

Shredded output is then fed onto the outfeed conveyor, which transports the pre-shredded plastic to the Neue-Herbold LM600/1000 Granulator.

The conveyor is equipped with a permanent drum magnet, for the removal of tramp, ferrous, metals from the product stream.

The recycling system installed is capable of processing more than 90 tonnes of plastic a week (subject to operating hours and final granulate size), which will allow plastic items to be turned into plastic granules that can be used again for manufacturing.

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