Fercell were contacted by a Kent based metal recycling company, specialising in waste management that focuses on separating and recycling ferrous material. They were looking to explore solutions for controlling the high concentrations of dust and particulate released throughout their processes.

The recycling plant consists of various separation lines for the sorting of mixed materials, including metals, minerals and plastic parts, with valuable materials re-used in production cycles, eliminating the amount of waste produced.

Hundreds of tonnes of product is processed each hour, and throughout each stage of the separation process there are releases of dust and particulate.

Here, the solution was a UPD ATEX dust extractor, a continuous operation bag filter, ideal for the extraction of medium to fine dust particles.

Sited outside and exposed to the elements and the rigors of a materials recycling facility, the UPD is manufactured from modular galvanised sheet panels and parts.

Principally, operating as negative pressure system, the main suction fan set sits on the clean air side of the LEV system. Due to the variation in dust composition, the UPD is equipped with both ATEX explosion-relief vents and a sprinkler system.

The inbuild, inlet, air settling chamber protects the filters from the impact of transported materials, while the filter elements are constructed from high-density, anti-static, polyester media.

To ensure optimum performance the UPD is equipped with an automatic filter cleaning system, which can perform a cleaning system both online and offline, with the filters cleaned by counter current compressed air jet pulses, which are automatically activated when needed, upon the pressure loss of the filters, during the working time and on final shutdown.

Installation of the LEV system has allowed our client to remove any emission at source, throughout the process of metal separation. End of life materials such as shredded scrap, waste electrical and electronics equipment can be easily processed through size reduction and separation.

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