Recycling Waste

Whether shredding, briquetting or granulation is required and the material is plastic, rubber, metal, aluminium swarfs or wood, we can provide a single, stand-alone unit or a full recycling system with conveyors, sorters, separators and wash lines.

Combine shredding & briquetting

Many of our customers combine shredding and briquetting to condense voluminous materials for different benefits. By shredding materials, you get them to the perfect size for the briquette press.  Briquettes mean not only more space in your factory or warehouse but also the chance to gain revenue.

Firstly, by condensing materials, storage space and costs are significantly reduced. Secondly, transport costs are minimised due to the more compact size of the materials which can be neatly bagged together. Finally, by reducing larger materials into small, consistent elements, these can be sold on to buyers within the second commodity market.

Who our customers are

We can accommodate for all types of MSW, RDF and SRF recycling facilities, supplying a streamline system bespoke or off-the-shelf system where each recycling machine works with the next part of the system. There is also the option of waste feeding into a separator or conveyor and then into a bagging system, to save space and time.

Fercell understands recycling waste companies’ objectives and can advise on the best recycling machines and industrial shredders on the market. We are as dedicated to protecting and supporting the environment as we know you are. Our machines are designed to help your company contribute to the responsible disposal and recycling of various materials, safeguarding the environment and our global resources.

Any plastic spoils and damaged stock is shredded and granulated, to be used for the production of new product….

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