PY Series Pallet Breaker

The PY series is suitable for whole/or part wooden pallets, packaging and other bulky materials, breaking them down into hand size pieces.

Available in 2 versions, both the PY1300 and PY1600 are capable of processing up to 40 pallets an hour. The PY1600 has been designed with a larger opening for handling wider pallets, whilst processing the same volumes.

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The complete pallets are loaded in the top of the breaker. Pallets are placed into the pallet breaker either one at a time or multiple pieces, with broken product pushed out at the base of the machine.

Processed material can be easily loaded into a suitable container, or bulk-bag with an additional conveyor by means of the discharge chute.

The machine operation is fully automatic, and is equipped with a safety switch and emergency stop. In the event of system overload or blockage within the mechanism, the mechanism will auto-reverse to clear the issue and switch off automatically after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

The breaker can run in auto or manual mode, in manual mode the breaker will run until the stop button is depressed, while in auto mode it will run until an extended period of the machine being empty.

  • Processing of voluminous products with a compact small machine
  • Load directly in container, skip or bulk-bag
  • Volume reduction up to 80%
  • Address pallet storage issues (Insurance: 10 metres from building)
  • Generate revenue instead of disposal costs
  • Low energy consumption, only 7.5 KW 400/3/50
  • Automatic processing
  • Safety device, protecting against improper use
  • Easy operation
  • Very low dust emissions

Wooden pallets are loaded into the PY1300, pallet breaker, for pre-shredding, before the material is transported by swan-neck conveyor to a WEIMA WL4 single-shaft shredder, where the material is further reduced in size.

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