Technology update to WEIMA classic WL4 wood shredder: More robust, improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance.

WEIMA will be showcasing the new WL4 industrial shredder at LIGNA 2023.

With thousands of WL4 shredders installed worldwide the WL4 is a popular choice. It is often a staple piece of equipment for processing wood waste in the woodworking industry, including joineries, carpenters, furniture designers and sawmills.

The launch will see a comprehensive technical update, as well as featuring new modern design features.

WEIMA WL4 Single Shaft Shredder

The WL4 has a working width of 600mm, with a rotor manufactured from solid steel, an interchangeable perforated screen to define the chip size, and a generous feed hopper with free-cutting function to prevent material bridging.

WEIMA has developed the gearbox, specifically to ensure maximum availability and protection against unexpected shocks and vibrations caused by foreign objects. This makes it ideal for small to medium throughput volumes.

Its compact design gives you the flexibility to place it directly next to woodworking machinery if required.

To further ensure its robust design for the future, WEIMA have revised the shredders technology, with a new base frame. The machine base features a significantly more robust design, greatly reducing any vibrations that may occur.

The shredder will also feature a maintenance-free V-belt. The electromechanical drive is set to operate with even less wear in the future, reducing maintenance costs.

To increase energy efficiency, WEIMA has also improved the hydraulic unit, which is protected inside the machine, and optimised the PLC control unit.

Shredding & Briquetting

With a focus on sustainable energy generation, the WEIMA WL4 industrial shredder teamed up with the C150 briquette press makes the perfect duo.

Shredding wood waste delivers a number of benefits. Firstly, you can free up additional storage space and save on disposal costs. Secondly, you can utilise the shredding output as biomass chips or to create briquettes, which will create a biomass product source.

By recycling waste materials left over from production processes, you are not only benefitting the environment, but you could see revenue from the output.

Wood chips can be used in wood burners to subsidise your operational costs. Briquettes are also great for fuel as they having a higher calorific value. Biomass heaters are available from Fercell. Find out more here.

The WEIMA C150 briquette press offers a compact, efficient briquetting solution for small to medium business operations, requiring low maintenance and self-diagnostic technology. Wood shavings, saw dust and dust are transformed into briquettes with a diameter of 50mm. The briquette press doesn’t require the use of additives or thermal treatment, it simply uses the hydraulic pressure alone.

Find out how you could turn your waste into a resource. Visit us at the WEIMA booth in Hanover, in hall 12, booth D21. If you would like to arrange a meeting at LIGNA with Fercell, your UK WEIMA partner, contact us here.

If you’re looking to purchase a WEIMA shredder for sale in the UK contact Fercell on 01622 791414 or email

Article reference: WEIMA Maschineau GmbH

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