Based in Kent, our customer is the UK subsidiary of a leading US manufacturer of health, personal and home care products. With onsite manufacturing facilities growing it was evident that additional LEV (local exhaust ventilation) systems were required. Following initial contact, Fercell conducted a customer site survey. From here, a proposal and quote were provided.

Manufacturing product locally for sale in the UK, their chemical weighing station required ventilation for any fume and dust particles created throughout weighing processes. Opening, scooping powder and resealing containers will inevitably generate dust, with fine particles staying airborne without the use of LEV equipment.

LEV Solution

The solution consisted of two separate systems, both comprising of the versatile and flexible ASA-4 extraction arm, for capture of emissions. The ASA arms, suitable for large airflows to ensure operator safety, are close-coupled to centralise ducting systems incorporating Geofilter (fitted with a retractable cassette, with a built-in-brush system allowing for easy cleaning) and high efficiency MEF fan.

Due to the location, the MEF fans are equipped with vibration absorbers and mounted within acoustic enclosures to mitigate the sound of the fan. The low noise output means that the systems could be installed internally, taking up minimal space while providing easy access to all components for easy maintenance.

Attached to the centralised extraction system the Geofilter units provide filtration for any dust, protecting the extractor fan. The process air is exhausted to atmosphere via the central ducting system, with an accelerator cap discharging above roof height.

Airflow indicators are connected to the system, providing a visual indicator for the system performance, allowing our customer to check suitable airflow is being maintained.

Installation of the LEV system allows the production space to be utilised both effectively and safely. Any chemical fume and dust particles are removed at source.

Fercell’s ventilation portfolio includes, dust, fume, spray and oil mist extraction; delivering a solution to meet all LEV requirements. For more information contact Fercell.