Introducing the latest addition to our test facility, the WEIMA C.200 chip press. The WEIMA C.200 hydraulic drainage press offers a sustainable and economical solution to dry, dispose or resell any swarf shavings created through machining processes.

Chips produced through the process of milling, turning, drilling and various other machining methods are pressed, before being transported into a container. Any pressed-out cooling lubricants, emulsions, oils or water can be easily recycled or disposed of.

You can also benefit from a C.200 chip press being placed directly at the chip conveyor

Image: WEIMA C.200 chip press next to a CNC machine.

By compacting your metal swarf into compact disks, you not only drain any excess liquid, but create a more refined source. Compacted swarf discs can be smelted to extract the pure metal and ore, or for re-use in the production process.

Smelting non-compressed or unrefined metal swarf can result in a lot more fumes created, caused by the remains of any lubricants. The WEIMA press will remove excess fluids, and thus the process of smelting will create considerably less fumes.

Whilst the C.200 chip press is predominantly for the processing of metal chips, it can also be used for the dewatering of plastic residues, making it ideal for a manufacturing wash plant.

WEIMA drainage and packaging presses offer a number of benefits:

  • High degree of compaction
  • Maximum volume reduction
  • Saving on expensive disposal costs
  • Low maintenance and low-wear press technology
  • Resistant to foreign materials
  • Flexible use and integration into existing systems

Alongside the C Series, WEIMA also offer a number of other models ideal for the compaction and dewatering of manufacturing product, including:

WEIMA A series label press – designed for recycling plastic and paper labels.

WEIMA E series packaging press – for cans and packaging.

WEIMA G series drainage press – high performance dewatering press for food, beverage and detergent packaging and containers.

You can find out more about compaction solutions here:

FERCELL are the UK distributor of WEIMA shredding and compaction equipment. For more information or to explore how you could reduce your production waste contact us on 01622 791414 or email

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