SWEED choppers offer a compact solution for the volume reduction of packaging waste.

With a range of scrap choppers suitable for a variety of production demands, Sweed scrap choppers have been designed to process plastics and lights metals, including PET plastic strapping and light gauge metal banding.

To deal with packaging waste, a UK manufacturer of flooring solutions contacted FERCELL to explore the opportunities of waste volume reduction.

With an abundance of plastic strapping to dispose of, the Sweed 450 CE Scrap Chopper was ideal. The chopper will efficiently breakdown any plastic banding, using a compact solution.

The model CE 450 scrap chopper boasts power alongside a dual driven feed works. Driving both feed rolls on the chopper allows the unit to process scrap quickly and proficiently. The unit also provides the option of customisation for inline automated production applications requiring tension control and custom scrap lengths.

The scrap chopper is available with a variety of custom stands. In this case the customer has opted for a movable steel stand and collection bin.

Processing packaging waste with a 450 CE scrap chopper will provide our customer with a number of benefits.

Maximising production space

Waste packaging straps can take up a lot of empty space, whether in waste containers, or left loose. The scrap chopper allows you to maximise your production space, not only reducing your waste volume, but ensuring you are maximising the contents fitting in your waste containers.

Promoting a safe working environment

By immediately feeding any packaging straps into a chopper you will create a safer and tidier working environment. Material can be fed in both manually and directly from a reel, or installed into a production line.

Harnessing the potential of production waste

Scrap choppers not only offer a solution to break down your waste further for compact storage, but it offers the opportunity to recycle the output, for further processing using recycling equipment to create granules, which can be used again in the manufacturing process.

WEIMA single shaft shredders and granulators offer a wealth of opportunity to maximise the value of your packaging waste.

Contact us to explore how you could benefit from industrial recycling waste reduction systems.

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