WEIMA will be presenting its multi-stage recycling solutions at IFAT 2024. From the 13th to 17th May in Munich, Germany, you can discover the opportunities of waste reduction and recycling solutions with WEIMA.

WEIMA recycling equipment is ideal for shredding all types of waste, with both standalone and multi-stage recycling systems an option. Recycling not only reduces your volume of waste, but recycling equipment can be used to produce secondary fuels.

Shredding Waste

The WEIMA PreCut, PowerLine and FineCut series have been designed to process a wide range of residual materials, including household, municipal solid waste (MSW), industrial and commercial waste.

Pre-shredding contaminated waste can be processed with the PreCut single-shaft shredder and the M8.28 twin-shaft shredder. Both shredders are equipped with a hydraulic direct drive, making them less sensitive to contaminants. Pre-shredders can be used for mechanical-biological waste treatment.

In addition to the PreCut series, the WEIMA PowerLine shredder can also be used for pre-shredding, along with post shredding too, achieving particle sizes of between 30 and 150mm. Whilst the WEIMA FineCut series has been designed for post-shredding, achieving particles sizes of 15 to 80mm.

WEIMA Shredders – M8.28, PreCut, PowerLine, FineCut

Efficiency through WEIMA Drives

Robust design, high throughput rates and user-friendly maintenance are all advantages of WEIMA shredding equipment. Their perfectly configured cutting geometry and hydraulic drive helps achieve optimum shredding performance.

WEIMA offer a number of drive options, depending on the machine or process application required.

The hydraulic drive from Hägglunds Bosch Rexroth is used in a range of WEIMA shredders, including the PowerLine, PreCut and M.28, which are ideal for producing substitute fuel, as it doesn’t use a classic gearbox. The classic gearbox is subject to wear from various interference impacts, whereas the hydraulic drive is fast-reacting and less sensitive to any shocks from interfering materials.

Instruction of stopping, starting and reversing is possible throughout even the most difficult conditions and at full capacity. The speed and torque can be adjusted efficiently, by means of a variable speed pump. The robust drive operates efficiently at extremely high torques with low connected load.

WEIMA PowerLine with hydraulic drive

Another option is the Baumüller drive. Characterised by its insensitivity to foreign objects, the high-torque, multi-pole synchronous motor is made in Germany. Even whilst shredding particularly challenging materials the drive can withstand shocks and vibrations, delivering longevity of service life.

If a foreign object enters the hopper, a coupling between the rotor shaft and drive will stop the rotor immediately, protecting the motor from becoming damaged. A frequency converter allows you to accurately adjust the torque and speed to achieve optimal performance.

WEIMA WKS with Baumüller drive

The WEIMA FineCut series uses a conventional electromechanical drive, which is also used by some of the smaller WEIMA shredders, including the WL and WLK range. The electromechanical drive offers a maintenance-free, low wear solution, with a safety clutch to protect the shredder from any foreign objects or risk of significant damage.

WEIMA FineCut with electromechanical drive

Monitoring for Optimum Productivity

WEIMA’s expertise does not stop at the machine build, the control cabinets syncing up with WEIMA equipment are also manufactured at their headquarters in Ilsfield, Germany. From design and wiring, through to programming, WEIMA have the expertise to design a monitoring system to suit each customers requirements.

WEIMA covers Industry 4.0 applications, which means shredders can be fully networked and integrated into virtually any production line. The dashboard for the WE control monitor has been further developed for IFAT 2024. Users will have the ability to monitor real-time data of their shredder, from any location, with automatic updates sent of any error or update messages. By enhancing the capabilities of the access functions of the control unit, the customer will benefit from reduced machine downtime and increased maintenance effectiveness.

Find out how you could recycle your production waste with WEIMA. Visit the WEIMA stand in Munich, in hall B6, stand 239/338. If you would like to arrange a meeting at IFAT with Fercell, your UK WEIMA partner, contact us here.

If you’re looking to purchase a WEIMA shredder for sale in the UK contact Fercell on 01622 791414 or email info@fercell.com.

Source: WEIMA

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